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Your Breakthrough is here ‼️

Hey Family!

Many of us have found ourselves in a place of feeling restricted. Where the limitations of the enemy have seemed to prevail against God's assignment for our lives in this season. As I spent time with the Lord, He revealed that JERICHO MUST FALL. Jericho represents those strongholds that have been keeping us from experiencing our Rehoboth (Rahab). Otherwise known as that expanded and spacious place.

The strongholds of Jericho come in the form of idolatry, anxiety, sexual immorality, gluttony and any sins/giants that have presented themselves before you. To step into your wide and expanded place, JERICHO MUST FALL!! You will not be able to step into all God has for you, until you BECOME who He has called you to be. And this requires every stronghold to be broken.

If you are ready to fight what has been fighting you through worship and praise, join SunRay Worships over the next seven days (4/9 - 4/15) at 4AM for LIVE Praise and Worship!

Some Prophetic Instructions:

  1. Only listen to praise and worship music throughout this week.

  2. If you feel led to fast from certain activities/food/media, DO SO!

  3. Write down those "strongholds" of Jericho that have been keeping you bound! They will be TORN DOWN in your life by next week!

  4. Spend more time fellowshipping with God each day so that He reveals more to you concerning your "expanded place."

  5. COMMAND your BREAKthrough in the place of prayer! DON'T LET UP!

Please consider subscribing over at our SunRay Worships ministry website for future updates!

See you all bright and early at 4AM PST!


Sun'Ray 👑💕 & The Healing Prophecy Ministry Team

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