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Providing wisdom that illuminates clarity.

Step into Wisdom Chats, a sanctuary where seekers are embraced by divine wisdom, illuminating the path to fulfill their God-given purpose. Within these conversations, clarity awaits, empowering clients to confidently advance on their journey. To book your call with Sun'Ray today, please click the link below!


How will the "Wisdom Chats" take place?


Our consultations will be conducted via phone calls. Upon purchase, clients' phone numbers will be collected, and they will receive a scheduled phone call at the designated time. Please note that a five-minute grace period will be allowed.

I live outside of the US, how will I receive a call?


For clients located outside the US, kindly install WhatsApp to join the call. Prior to the session start time on the scheduled day, you will receive a link for access.


How will I know what phone number to answer?


Clients will receive a text message from the Ministry's phone number before their scheduled session on the session day.


How long will these sessions be?


The sessions will be scheduled for a duration of 30 minutes each.


I missed my scheduled session, may I request a reschedule?


Rescheduling options will only be available for emergencies. If you need to reschedule due to an emergency, please contact us at


I no longer want to attend my session, may I request a refund?


Our policy strictly prohibits refunds. Please ensure your commitment before booking your appointment.

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