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Your winning season! (A Prophetic Word)


Can I ask you a question? How does a person perceive life when they've constantly taken loss after loss? Do they have excitement when things go well or are they fearful of what trouble is coming next around the corner? Most of you would agree that this person can't embrace the present joy, because their focus is already on the next difficulty.

The truth is, many of you are stepping into a winning season. Where things will begin to happen almost seemingly one after the other. And instead of barely enjoying the blessing(s) in front of you, God desires you to take it all in. Otherwise, you will turn a great blessing into a great burden.

You will never be able to enjoy the life God gives when you are looking at your present through a past lens. Don't allow worry or fear to whisk away the great blessings God is bringing in your life. You went through the toil and struggle, it's only right that you enjoy the fruits of your labor!

It's time for you to re-write that mental narrative of fear and prepare yourself to bask in the goodness that the Lord is bringing to you.

Scripture(s) Meditation:

“For to everyone who has [and values his blessings and gifts from God, and has used them wisely], more will be given, and [he will be richly supplied so that] he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have [because he has ignored or disregarded his blessings and gifts from God], even what he does have will be taken away."

Matthew 25:29 AMP

Song(s) Meditation: You Will Win by Jekalyn Carr

To listen to today's song meditation, click here.

Reflection Question(s): We invite you to discuss below.

Why do you think it's hard for people to accept the idea of a "winning season?" Do you believe that even in the bad times there's a peaceful place of rest for you? If so, then what keeps you or others from fully embracing the good things God brings?


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Royal Hooks
Royal Hooks
Oct 18, 2023

amen- I love the many confirmations through your ministry. Stay souled out- Praying for your continued strength, vision, resources (that help me through life)... Such a blessing


Kiana Muntagin
Kiana Muntagin
Oct 17, 2023

Wow this was exactly how I was feeling!

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