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The world didn’t give it…


Is the glass half empty or half full? Those who view situations from a lack mindset would instantly state how the glass was half full. They’d probably even take it a step further and complain how they don’t have enough to even fill it up. Then there are those who see things from an abundant perspective. These people would state the cup is half full and though they don’t know how it will become full, that they trust that it would. Not by some extraordinary means, but in their eyes, if the cup got to be half full, it can also become overflowing too.

Today, I want to challenge you. Which mindset are you operating from currently, honestly? When God speaks a Word concerning your situation, do you see things as half full or half empty? I think at times we become so focused on what we don’t have and even those things that the world has taken away from us. That we allow ourselves to be discouraged and reduced down to nothing.

BUT, you have something at your disposal that the world didn’t give. Instead of spending your time focused on what was taken, have you ever looked at what the circumstances of life can’t take away from you? I’m speaking about those things that are the fruit of the spirit. That joy, that love, that peace and so forth. I can’t live your life for you, but I can tell you, those that view the cup as half full are living more fulfilling lives than those that see it as half empty. Funny thing is, they both are looking at the same cup!

Which one will you be?

Song Meditation:

Reflection Question(s): We invite you to discuss below.

What has God given you that the world can’t take away?


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