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The Broken Glass


Ever so often, I find myself catching brief glimpses into memories of the past. Sometimes these memories stir up great joy and other times they bring on a wave of great sadness. However emotionally polarizing these memories might be, there’s a common undertone that unites them all. Each of these memories comes with a lesson of its own.

One day, I found myself pulling a glass pan of roasted sweet potatoes out the oven. As their garlicky aroma filled the kitchen, I was instantly brought into the reality of a distant memory. I saw a younger version of my hands placing a hot glass pan into soapy dish water. Suddenly, the pan broke into many giant pieces. Snapping back to reality, I realized that in this present moment I could not make that same mistake.

As I let the glass pan cool on the stove, this simple revelation came to me. Though there are some moments from our past that may traumatize us or even leave a wound, there's something about the memory of it all. There’s a hidden power in the lessons each memory stores. It keeps us from approaching a similar situation with a failed result. And it also keeps us from having broken glass in our hands.

Learn to value the memories of your past and appreciate the absence of the broken glass…

Scripture(s) Meditation:

"As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly."

Proverbs 26:11 NIV

Song(s) Meditation: Movin' On by Jonathan McReynolds

To listen to today's song meditation, click here.

Reflection Question(s): We invite you to discuss below.

Have you learned from your past mistakes? Do you use the lessons you've learned in the past to help you in your present? What situation/circumstance are you currently facing that you can apply previously learned lessons to? How does the nature of the previous situation give you greater perspective of where you are now?


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