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Stop Resisting


It’s natural human emotion to resist the things we don’t like. If you don’t like your work environment, you try your hardest to find a new job. If you don’t like your relationship, at times you will just exit stage left and find a new one. But in this life, there are certain situations and circumstances God places us in purposefully.

Instead of wanting to immediately change the circumstances to fit what you desire, maybe you should take a second to see things from God’s perspective. From His view, you aren’t resisting the situation or circumstance but in actuality, His process for you. One thing about the processes of God are that they are unavoidable. If you miss the lesson for the process in one place, God will put you in another situation similar to it. “Repeat the lesson, until you learn the lesson.” Got it?

So instead of resisting the process, learn to submit. Your prayers are full of requests to get out, but what if you shift to asking God how to get through? Or maybe what new skills and strategies you can develop to weather the “storm”? Either way it goes, you gain more by surrendering to the process versus attempting to avoid it.

Scripture(s) Meditation:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3‬:‭5‬-‭6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Reflection Question(s): We invite you to discuss below.

First, we want you to identify your process. Then instead of asking God when will things change, ask Him what is required of you to get through it. Do you trust that God’s guidance through this process is better than leaning on your own?

We would love if you shared your revelations below.

Sun’Ray 💕

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