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In this album, Sun'Ray lets listeners into the raw, un-edited side of her unique sound. From uplifting tracks like "Getting Ready" and "Gotta Keep", to the sultry sounding "Something Real" and quite convicting "Don't Forget Me", listeners are guaranteed to leave this album feeling quite spiritually satiated. When speaking with Sun'Ray about the inspiration for this album she simply stated, "Life gets hard, so just keep swinging." A simple explanation, that speaks quite boldly to the youthful and playful Sun'Ray that we have all grown to love.

Hey, Sis…

From a very young age, I always had a passion for music. I grew up singing in church and in school. At the time, my favorite song to sing was “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Fast forward through all the choirs, and solo ensemble competitions, I lost my voice. The trials of life made me silent. What once brought my heart joy, was buried deep beneath my pain.

In 2021, God began to remind me of the special anointing He placed on this particular gift. He resurfaced the memories of the nights in my youth where I’d sing my heart out, just because. He returned the desire within my heart for a life of worship and praise. Below you’ll hear some of the most intimate moments of worship I’ve shared with Him. My prayer is that it uplifts you, exhorts you and more importantly breaks yokes and chains from your life. 

Let’s Worship… 

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