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The Prophetic Number Ten (10/02/2022)

Updated: May 16, 2023

Today, I will provide some meaning to those who find themselves seeing the number ten or specifically 1010 everywhere. This article will not cover all the meanings, but will give you something to study and research about.


Eser is the Hebrew word that means ten. This represents a completed cycle, finality, divine order and judgment (good or bad).

God may be showing you this number to indicate upcoming judgment, or to signify the completion of a cycle.


Yod is the tenth Hebrew letter with a numerical value of ten. The letter looks like an arm and a hand. It means hand, work, worship, deeds, fist, power and congregation. Though it is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, it can completely change the meaning of a word. Subtly, this points to both the hidden but also known power of God in our lives.

In this particular season, God emphasizes the arm and hand portion of this symbol. Illustrating that at the "Appointed Time", His hand will be at work in the most intricate of details. Most Bible scholars define this as God's providence, which only further reveals His sovereignty in our lives.

God may be showing you this number to remind you to take your hands off of a situation and give Him full control.

Completion of a Cycle/Appointed Time

In this particular season, God points to the completion of a cycle and fulfillment of a process. For some of you it's been for promotion (physical and spiritual), and for others it's been a completion of the process required for your marriage covenant.

Text References: Rebekah's engagement (Genesis 24) reveals the number ten throughout. Also, David's battle against Goliath that pushed him into destiny reveals the number ten as well. (1 Samuel 17)

Help from Kingdom sponsors

God may be using this number to confirm a wealth transfer into your life via the hand of Kingdom sponsors. Typically this comes in the form of Kingdom partnerships or those purely sent by God to pour a blessing into your life.

Text References: Queen Sheba visits Solomon and gives him massive wealth (1 Kings 10:10). Abraham's servant Eliezer brings ten camels and other treasures to secure Rebekah's engagement. (Genesis 24:10,22)

A call to consecrate

Separating yourself from the clean and unclean things. Developing a greater ability to discern between what's clean and isn't. Stop certain behaviors or remove yourself from certain circles or thinking patterns. For some it's as simple as a diet and lifestyle change. Certain music, TV shows and people in your life fall within this list too.

Text References: Both of these scriptures speak about the need to consecrate yourself. (Ezra 10:10 and Leviticus 10:10)

Manage your fields

Stewardship is a fundamental requirement in God's Kingdom. There is a necessity to pay attention to how you are managing the fields of your life. I have a fundamental teaching on the types of soil in the different fields of your life. Also a teaching specifically dealing with managing the fields of your life.

Text References: John 10:10 speaks about Christ coming to give us life and that more abundantly.

In Harmony with God

When you reach the "Appointed Times" of God, you've reached this space called "harmony." A point in which you are so in alignment with the will of God for your life, that there is an ease. Upon reaching this level of harmony, things previously spoken come to pass swiftly! For many it's because they've entered a new dimension of God's glory and when in the glory realm, things previously spoken must come to pass instantly.

Text References: This is revelatory knowledge.

How did today's article help you?

We invite you to discuss below.


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Thankyou Sister for this article. It gave me so much insight and something to study. Reading is definitely fundamental. ❤️💃🏾🙏🏽


Mar 15

Hey Thank You, Sun’Ray for a fulfilling word of encouragement of God. What I’ve learned from this article is to fully consecrate myself to God to trust in him for his Will in my life. 🌹🌱


Thank you ❤️❤️


Alexander Favors
Alexander Favors
Apr 10, 2023

This topic was a great choice It help me see spiritually into the number 10 because it’s number of power i feel strength win I see this number and sense God presence because the number 1 symbolizing the Beginning and 0 representing the End and how God is Alpha and OMega and we must trust him from start to Finish is how I see it thanks for you for this topic Praise to the Most High in Jesus Name Amen.


Marnie Seuga
Marnie Seuga
Apr 10, 2023

Thank you for your Obedience Sunray. God speaks to me through numbers all the time and 10:10 is One of them. Holyspirit led me to your video on10:10 a while back when I was first researching Prophetic numbers. Another prophetess/apostle I follow is Quan who has a YouTube alter called Kindom weath ministries and she has a video on this number also. But I always remember your meaning of "completion". God is so good, He also just had me look up the symbolism of the circle when I seen this devotional I remembered that you may have spoken about the circle in that same video?. God bless you all tenfold 💜🦋

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