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Signs a Breakthrough is Near…

Very often, you will find a believer praying for a breakthrough. This can occur in many different areas, health, financial, spiritual, mental etc. Below I'm giving a few signs I've encountered during my personal journey when a breakthrough is extremely close.

Sign One: A wave of peace and joy - Philippians 4:6-7

Where once hope was deferred, there's a restoration of joy and peace. No matter what may be going on, you find yourself in a state of contentment. Things could be falling apart around you, yet you still have peace and genuine joy.

Sign Two: Revival in “dead” spaces- John 11:11

What once appeared “dead”, suddenly encounters an increase in activity or movement. This is normally a subtle change that happens in an incremental fashion. Imagine when you first turn on a faucet, the water trickles before it pours out. The pouring out is the breakthrough, the trickle is what happens immediately before.

Sign Three: Attitude of Praise- 2 Chronicles 20:15-22

You suddenly develop a great desire to worship and praise. It’s almost as if through your worship you can sense the closeness of your breakthrough. You will shift from praying for it, to knowing it’s already done. There will be joyful weeping. As you praise, your expectation of God causes your faith to rise.

Sign Four: Enemies are revealed - 1 Samuel 26:21

Spirits that have been operating against you are revealed (delay, confusion, doubt, witchcraft etc). People that never meant you any good, will confess with their mouth who they truly are. Dreams and visions begin to show people from your past who were already revealed as enemies. There’s also an increase of demonic activity in your field of vision as well.

Sign Five: More signs and wonders - Mark 16:17

It's similar to labor and the contractions a woman experiences. The closer to birth, the greater the signs and confirmations. There will be an increase in the communication from God you see concerning breakthrough.


Sign Six: The Old is cut away- 2 Corinthians 5:17

The people who were able to stand with you in your place of lack, won’t always be present during the release of your breakthrough. People will begin to remove themselves or God will order you to remove certain people from you. Your habits and desires will shift as well. God will also place new desires in your heart.

There are honestly many more signs, but these are the ones that I've encountered continuously when on the verge of a breakthrough. Our prayer is that this helps you see deeper spiritually into the moves of God.

- Ray’Netta (Sun’Ray)

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1 Comment

Kelsey mutch
Kelsey mutch
Aug 25, 2023

Omg live you raynetta girl!!! This has helped me a ton! Like I already knew this all but your video with this devotional attached popped up at the right time which we all know was GOD! Amen!! All of this has happened!!! Gods been speaking to me about David’s keys, elevation, spiritual authority that he’s given me, increases and growth in spiral gifts etc …. Marriage even! The signs are all there. The devils greatest tactic is distractions! but it won’t work!!!

I'm adopted as well! So, I feel like sooo much that you mention in your videos I can relate a lot too… wether it’s about parents, that empty space as a ln adoptee, sibling issues… spiritual growth,…

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