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Pregnant with a purpose (Prophetic Word 3/23/2022)

Updated: May 16, 2023


Today’s devotional is going to be a prophetic word concerning the nature of the Spirit realm right now. Ironically, last year God had me release a word about a lot of people having April due dates. Although things were birthed then, I realize now what the Lord was saying. The year 2022 is a year of which the Lord is not only pouring out his Spirit but also great blessings on his remnant. These blessings come after a great period of being tried and tested. For some it has been years, and for others possibly a few months. As we enter into the Month of April, God wants me to highlight a few key things regarding this birthing process.

A Dream of Labour Pains

The other day, the Lord gave me a dream in which I was a doctor. Those that know me personally, knew it was my greatest desire to practice medicine, but now as you can see God put a halt on that lol. But in the dream, there were two friends that came into the birthing room. Literally one after another. They were both experiencing great labor pains but for some reason I was so excited. I was like ”double the blessings”, which was crazy because as I said, I wasn’t the one giving birth. Also, these women aren’t believers at all in real life, but they needed help to deliver their ”blessings.” This dream showed that what the remnant would give birth to in this season will greatly help others in need. What God is preparing to do is harvest many souls for his Kingdom and return many lost sheep. This is why our trials have been so great, because we are to be used for a greater purpose.

In the Birthing Room

As you are about to give birth, God will make sure that you have the right people around you. As you all know, everyone isn’t welcome in the birthing room. There will be select individuals that God has chosen to help you bring in your bundle of joy. There is one warning though, as you near your birthing date, there will be many pop-ups. Meaning people from your past, people with monitoring spirits and even enemies will contact you. This also includes your thoughts, as we know flesh is our enemy too. Regardless, you must by all costs protect your creation and ensure you remain free from all distractions. Don‘t allow your emotions to bring the wrong person into the birthing room with you!

Satan wants your new beginning

Revelation 12:4 (King James Version)

“And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.”

Let me be real here, Satan will try and sabotage your birth. He will do whatever he can in his power to make you miscarry or abort the blessing. However, for those whom he hasn’t succeeded in, he will stand right in front of you as you give birth. What does this mean? As you give birth, the enemy will be right there attempting to steal your joy. We all know that the joy of childbirth takes away all the pain of the labour. However, I want you to be aware that as you are giving birth, that is when the true trials and testing begins. Whatever God has had you create will cause the deliverance of many and is a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness. Therefore, the enemy will stop at nothing to try and take it from you.

God will bring you to a resting place

This relates to the recent prophetic word, “Let it Rain” that God called me to release for the Month of April. In this word, God spoke saying that he will cast out the enemy from the land and allow his remnant to have rest. Within this rest, there will be an abundance of rain showers (former and latter rains) poured down for his children. These blessings and new beginnings aren’t for us to enjoy for ourselves. We are to build the Kingdom with everything the Lord has blessed us with. Remember, when a woman gives birth to a child, it takes time to nurture that child and build it up. This is why the enemy will flee for a season because God is allowing his children to build. As the world experiences his judgment and falls, the church will be rising up. The church will truly be a spectacle for all to see because it will show that the Lord is indeed with us. Therefore, you need not worry about Satan stealing what you’ll birth, just be aware that he will be around. If the Lord has been speaking to you concerning birth, new beginnings or new covenants, then you will find this word as a confirmation. The Lord is truly doing an amazing thing through his remnant in this season. Your birthing of a “new thing” will be a great addition to the Kingdom of God for what is to come. My prayer is that we all stay focused and continue to harvest souls for the Kingdom of God. For our Messiah’s return is nearing and we all must be ready for his arrival.


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Tiara Coleman
Tiara Coleman
Mar 23, 2023

Thank you for your obedience - you have definitely been a midwife on my journey…keep shining Sun’Ray!! 🌞


Good morning sunray I really enjoy your videos and messages if it's possible can we have a chat I'm in a hard place and would like to exhale if you have the availability unfortunately I'm not working at this point but believing for an open door my contact information is I don't know if you have duo or zoom ,

Thank you so very kindly Michelle.🙂


kelly maurizio
kelly maurizio
Mar 23, 2023

I appreciate you. You are always a breathe of fresh air. Thank you

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