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I am a Miracle (A Psalm)

Oh, How lost I was

Breaking down my trauma

Rolling up my pain

And blowing it all away

Trading clarity for confusion

My Bible for self-help manuals

My body for comfort

And my love for lust

It felt good to numb the pain

Not realizing the toxicity that flowed through my veins

Everyday I drifted further and further away

Yet for some strange reason I was still surrounded by Your grace

Instead of leaving me, You stayed right there

Instead of judging me, You gave me a chance

You saw the filth in my heart, and still chose to look past it

My God, Your love is everlasting

I am here today because Your love for me wasn't shaken

You came and found me, restored me to righteousness

Healed every bruise and scar on my heart

Said Your covenant will forever be in it

God, I look in the mirror today

And realize I am staring a miracle in the face

By Your grace,

I am a walking, breathing, living, miracle.


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