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An Honest Confession


There’s something about sin, that causes us to hide. At times, we closely guard our sins as much as we guard our best friend’s secrets. It’s almost better to keep our struggles hidden than to be open about them. For we know that a secret revealed to the wrong person, can cause unnecessary pain. But what about in our relationship with God?

You see, intimacy is a beautiful thing. However, if we aren’t careful, we begin to lead with dangerous assumptions. That just because a person knows us, they can tell what we are struggling with. But how many of our relationships have ended due to that simple communication error?

Yes, it’s true. God has a vast knowledge of you, but He also says, there is power in our confession. How many of you are deep in intimacy with God, but refuse to confess those sins that you have hidden from others?

Through your honest confession, you express the true vulnerable nature of your soul. And what Father can ignore the deepest cries of their child?

Scripture(s) Meditation:

“If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer."

Isaiah 66:18-19 NLT

Song(s) Meditation: Me Again by J. Moss

To listen to today's song meditation, click here.

Reflection Question(s): We invite you to discuss below.

Go into prayer and begin to stand on 1 John 1:9 and Psalm 66:18-19 as you confess the known sins hidden deep in your heart. Write this prayer down and notice how quick things begin to move for you. And whenever you pray, make sure you always do this so He always hears you.


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