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"Helping you shine God's light, one ray at a time... "

We are currently no longer accepting appointments for these sessions. 

God calls on each of us to be beacons of His light in this darkened world. However, because of circumstances, trauma or societal pressures, many of God’s children remain quite dim. My purpose is to help you shine God’s light more brightly from within. Each session is led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you receive exactly what your soul needs. Sometimes it’s not about the mountain that you’re facing but instead about what’s hidden beneath the surface in you…


How do I know if a LYLS Session is right for me?

You are someone that desires to shine more of God’s light in your life, but may have trouble figuring it all out. Here, our sole purpose is to help you shine brighter in the way that God has uniquely created you to. 


Are these sessions confidential?

Yes, all of our sessions are confidential. 


What can I do to prepare for my LYLS Session?

Remember, the focus is YOU and getting you to where you need to be. Thus, the sessions will only be reflective of the effort you put in. Come ready to fellowship and shine your light!


I’m not the best note-taker, will I receive a summary of the session?

We highly encourage you to be active during the session, by taking notes. However, 24-72 hours after your session you will receive a private Google Drive link to the session's recording. This way you can watch the replay at anytime. 


I really enjoyed my first session, can I book recurring ones? 

If you are interested in discounted package pricing and/or meeting on a recurring schedule, send an email to Keep in mind, you must have already booked one session with us before we can honor this request. 


What happens if I am no longer able to make my scheduled appointment?

You have 24 hours before the scheduled appointment to request a re-schedule. Our re-scheduling availability will be more flexible to ensure you receive the service you’ve paid for. Due to this, we will not issue refunds. 


What happens if I miss my scheduled appointment?

Unless there is a medical emergency, you will not be able to reschedule your appointment. Keep in mind that no refunds will be issued.


What happens my scheduled appointment is suddenly cancelled? 

In the rare case that we are no longer able to meet at your originally scheduled time, we will send you an email to determine a date that best works for you. 


I no longer want to attend my scheduled session, may I request a refund?

We have a no-refund policy. On no basis, will a refund be given. 

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