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"Helping you shine God's light, one ray at a time... "

God calls on each of us to be beacons of His light in this darkened world. However, because of circumstances, trauma or societal pressures, many of God’s children remain quite dim. My purpose is to help you shine God’s light more brightly from within. Each session is led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you receive exactly what your soul needs. Sometimes it’s not about the mountain that you’re facing but instead about what’s hidden beneath the surface in you…


Rebuilding, repairing and restoring God's people in a unique way. 

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Teach the Word.

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Heal the broken-hearted.

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Establish true intimacy.


 "Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship."

- Romans 12:1 NIV

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Join us every morning at 4AM PST/6AM CST/7AM EST for Worship with Sun'Ray on our YouTube platform. 


Join a like-minded community of believers to help challenge and grow your faith.

This is not your traditional Bible Study. We focus on utilizing a discussion based format to stimulate your mind as you learn about the Word of God. No two Bible Studies are exactly the same. Prepare yourself to be immersed in the Bible through various lenses. (Philosophy, Science, Psychology etc) The goal is to ensure you walk away with not just information but also knowledge that can be taught to others around you. We also have an amazing community here that you are able to grow with each week. You shouldn't have to do this walk alone, consider joining us!


Strengthen your daily walk with God, through devotion, scripture/song meditation, reflection questions and prayer.

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